Test of Go applet.
Sorry, you need java to see this applet.


The idea behind this go applet is to make a game-of-life inspired go machine, that
plays go based on simple rules. The rules can be graphically edited.

Playing on the board:

Three buttons determine the use
Leftmost :     Determine what stone is put/erased on the board if you click on a position.
                    The "headstone" (stone with red ring around) determines where the rules will
                    be applied from.
Middle :       Plays either white or black based on the rules. Pressing the button several
                    times will play the white rules against the black rules
Right :           The "rules" button. This allows editing the rules. The rules start at the headstone
                    and the fields in front point towards the greatest intensity of enemy stones.
                    (up, down, left, right). Based on the situation the rules put a stone at the empty
                    circle. The pictured small arrows move through the multiple screens of rules.
                    The "Store" button allows one to store or reload a certain position
                    and set of rules based a compressed set of text codes.


r                    Resets the board.

For the rules of go , please see this excellent introduction or play it elsewhere. No Ko rule is implemented presently.