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The forum, discussions and definitions :

See the EconWiki (and we gladly accept your constructive additions) :

How to join the channel for economics debate :

1. Download an IRC (internet relay chat) client, if you don't have one. There are various clients out there , such as the MIRC client , kvirc client for Windows systems or a google search for other systems (linux xchat irssi... , Mac).

2a. Join the freenode or undernet network (by selecting a freenode or an undernet server). On this net, join the channel economics (use /join #economics for undernet or /join ##economics on freenode ).

2b. With an installed client , this url might directly connect you : irc://chat.eu.freenode.net/economics

2c. From the web you can just click : freenode ##economics or Undernet #economics (Mibbit web client)
There is also an #economics channel on the irc.mibbit.net server

3. Enjoy


What do we discuss in the ##economics channel :

The topics are wide and include:

  • Macro economy, schools of thoughts (Austrian, Keynes etc.)
  • Current market events (currency, stocks, bubbles, business cycles)
  • Answer or discuss econ. student's questions
  • "What can I do with my money ?" or "how do I reduce my debt ?"
  • Government policy versus the economy

Channel guidelines :

We try to be tolerant in #economics, however, please try follow the following guidelines :

  1. Refrain from offensive language and offensive nick names.
  2. No commercials, no spamming, no bots (without permission) please
  3. Try to limit non-sense such as extensive colors, automatic script messages.
  4. Obey the Undernet Acceptable Policy.
  5. Don't ask for op's, please, wait for the ops to ask you.
  6. Please refrain from long non-economics relevant discussions. Use another channel for that.

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